Our Work

Jacaranda FP provides an initial advice experience aimed to assist you (and us) to understand where you are financially, to understand your goals and financial objectives and how to best move forward. In addition, the initial advice designs the framework and the strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

This initial advice can best be described as:


Understanding your financial position, your values and objectives, attitude to money and how to offset risk against reward and what will make you financially and emotionally happy.

Analysing opportunities

Analysing opportunities based on “understanding you” analysing and evaluating the strategies and investment opportunities that can be adopted to meet your objectives.

The Advice

Providing clarity to the options and deselecting and selecting the appropriate subset of strategies and providing a clear view of what to do, how and when.


Implementation of agreed direction and strategies by our skilled administration team. This may involve a co-ordinated approach by us with your other professional advisors.

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