Radio & Podcasts

Brett Stene and Jayden Pendleton of Jacaranda FP on radio.

Logos for Radio Shows.

The Principals and Senior Advisers of Jacaranda FP are well informed and are often requested to provide commentary and talk back advice on radio. Most broadcasts are made from the radio station studio and people simply ring in and ask questions, however there are a number of occasions that outside broadcasts are held and people from an audience can also ask questions. Broadcasts have been done from as far away as St Petersburg and on the Negro tributary of the Amazon in Brazil.

Over the past 30 years, thousands of listeners have benefited from the clear understandable general advice heard.

Over 1,000 talk back radio shows have been shared over time on the weekend and during the week on radio 2GB, 2UE, 3AW & 4BC.

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