Fees should always be linked to value – no one minds paying a fee so long as they receive value. Jacaranda FP’s fees are a tiny fraction of the cost of following poor advice, or indeed allowing your financial affairs to drift aimlessly for long periods of time.

Our advice is non conflicted - we do not receive any ongoing commissions that may be inbuilt into individual investment products or platforms.

Our fees reflect the complexity and input required to meet your objectives. At our first meeting for which there is typically no fee, we will gain an understanding of your needs to allow us to prepare an initial advice document should this be sought. As a guide, our initial advice fee is generally between $880 and $1,320. If there is greater complexity as a result of a number of family investment structures for example, then the initial fee will be fully discussed and disclosed upfront with you.

Our ongoing advice relationship fee is based on the ongoing advice, investment and portfolio needs. The ongoing advice fee is aligned to the client's objectives. The fee will be made clear both initially and each year.

We have a strong view that we offer excellent value, however should for whatever reason you believe that value is not being derived, then there are no contracts or locks-ins that exist for you. You have flexibility to move your accounts without any advice fee penalty.

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