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Our fees reflect the value we deliver

Super, pensions, taxation and all things related to retirement are complex and governed by many laws and regulations in Australia. Navigating all of this yourself can be time-consuming, complicated and can lead to ill-informed decisions.

Yet with an upfront investment and a monthly fee, we can give you expert, personalised advice based on a deep understanding of this complexity - advice that aims to maximise your retirement income and deliver long-term value.

Our fees are a tiny fraction of the cost of following poor advice, or simply not planning at all. After all, a decision to do nothing is still a decision.

How we calculate fees

“We thought we’d left it too late…but life is now worry free” Mike and Helen

We hadn’t prioritised our retirement, having put our daughters through school and focused on paying off the mortgage. We only had the bare minimum company contributions in super and were very naive about how we would fund our future as well as what it would look like. How do you decide on someone to trust with everything you have in the world? We’d listened to the Radio program where Jacaranda Financial Planning gave general advice to mums and dads like us so thought they had the street cred for us to approach them. 

The level of interest in our particular wants and needs was unbelievable. Neither of us are experts (nor do we want to be) in financial planning so the initial report in such plain English was music to our ears. We have access to our adviser whenever we want, and he genuinely understands what we want for our future. We have 100% trust in Jacaranda Financial Planning, so much so that we’ve had our adviser talk with our daughters and their husbands to ensure that they are planning years before we did. Having spoken to friends who were in our position we've had no hesitation in recommending Jacaranda Financial Planning to them. We initially thought that we’d left it too late to get in touch but we are so happy with our financial path for the future that life is now worry free.


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