Principals and Senior Advisers

The Principals and Senior advisers of Jacaranda FP are:

Brett Stene - Principal

Brett started in the financial services industry in 1986 after leaving the international accountancy firm Arthur Andersen and working in Australia and the UK. Over the past 30 years he has headed the research and strategy operations of adviser groups, developed new financial products, worked in funds management, sat on a number of boards, consulted and lectured internationally. Brett is often referred to as being the financial planning guru; and is synonymous with imparting knowledge and mentoring others in the industry. He is recognised as the financial planning voice on radio across the full eastern seaboard, where for a decade and a half he had hosted weekly talk-back financial planning shows. Brett remains as passionate as ever in providing quality and understandable advice to clients to secure their financial future. Brett is married with two adult sons.

Jayden Pendleton - Principal

Jayden found his vocational speciality early in his career and has for the past decade specialised in holistic financial planning advice. Previously Jayden founded the successful Financial Knowledge Group before coming together within the other senior partners and forming Jacaranda Financial Planning. Jayden brings to clients a wealth of relevant and clear advice through his ability to break down the complexity of financial jargon and present it in such a way that it is easily understood. He particularly enjoys assisting clients on intergenerational wealth transfer and developing practical financial planning solutions. Jayden has for the past decade been one of the lead presenters at the educational evenings that Jacaranda Financial Planning group hold on a regular basis. Jayden continues to challenge his own thinking through international travel.

Jeannie McKenzie - Principal

Jeannie started her career as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse Coopers, working in offices in Australia and Canada. Her experience covered business valuations, financial investigation and strategic business advice. Through her role with a multinational company, Jeannie further developed advice skills on business profitability and restructures. For the past 20 years Jeannie has assisted many hundreds of clients to gain control of their financial lives. Jeannie does this through a detailed engagement with clients, understanding their needs and goals and marrying the many facets of advice to reach optimal outcomes. Jeannie is a strong advocate for the broader financial planning community and generously offers her time on boards to assist many advisers in the industry reach their potential. Jeannie is married and has three adult children.

Blake Wendt – Senior Adviser

Blake is known for delivering highly positive financial outcomes for clients based on research, his extensive educational qualifications, his technical know-how and overall financial planning experience. Blake is highly regarded for sharing knowledge and insights in a warm and engaging manner to many clients who seek his guidance. Blake believes that a good adviser can enrich the lives of anyone seeking assistance. He sees this done through an engaging professional relationship to best understand the client’s perspective and drivers, and then applying this framework to offering appropriate practical solutions and strategies. Blake generously provides his time weekly on talk-back Radio 2GB and 3AW where he answers the many and varied financial planning questions raised by listeners. In his personal life on weekends, you will often find Blake at a tennis court or trying to find the next best Japanese restaurant.

Peter James Cameron – Senior Adviser

Peter James (“PJ”) brings a highly professional and articulate approach to the many clients he assists on their financial planning journey. His international and finance studies support this approach. PJ sees working with a client as being in partnership with the client, or as PJ says “being on the same page with the client”. This often results in extended family members ending up being part of the financial planning community being serviced by him. PJ believes that the best financial outcomes are achieved when understanding of the client is combined with great strategy, research and technology being brought together to solve the client’s needs. Real people, real solutions. PJ’s previous corporate roles at BT Financial Group and Morningstar Investment Management provide him valuable insight into investment solutions being delivered in a highly effective and efficient way. He is a proud father of two, an avid reader and an occasional rock climber (when time permits).

Alex Allenby – Senior Adviser

Alex has over a decade of experience with Jacaranda Financial Planning, assisting clients to solidly meet their financial objectives. He holds a number of academic qualifications to support the quality advice he provides. Alex exudes a professionalism and passion to ensure the client experience is at the highest level. This commitment to excellence has seen Alex peer awarded at the national level. Alex is a strong client advocate in all aspects of providing advice. He is most engaged when developing financial strategies to help clients navigate their way through changing economic environments at each life stage and embracing a disciplined approach to meeting client’s financial needs and objectives. When Alex is not assisting clients, he thoroughly enjoys the outdoors with his beautiful wife Alexandra.

Michael Pavani – Senior Adviser

Michael started his career as a tax accountant at the personal and business level, and through this developed a passion to apply logic and technical know-how to best deliver solutions to clients’ overall financial positions. For the past decade, Michael has leveraged technical knowledge to holistic financial advice, making superannuation and wealth creation easily understood by his many clients. Michael has an engaging approach, where he believes the journey of financial literacy and empowerment are equally important to gaining the best outcome for clients. Michael assists many wealth accumulators as well as retirees to meet their objectives. When not assisting clients on their financial journey, Michael shows the same enthusiasm to an active involvement in his local football club (soccer) as a player and coach.

Chris Fitzgerald – Senior Adviser

Chris began his career as a Chartered Accountant specialising in Taxation before moving into Finance Manager roles within the Banking & Financial services industry in Australia and the UK. Since becoming an adviser 8 years ago he has applied this experience and quantitative technical knowledge to work with clients to optimise their path towards their goals. Chris achieves this client outcome very effectively through his interest in behavioural finance. He often says that if you properly understand the client’s goals, what makes the client tick and what may be holding them back; then with this knowledge you can provide extraordinary value, financial-freedom, and financial security for the client. Chris passionately believes in the value of investing and finding workable practical financial planning solutions. Outside of work, Chris plays in the family touch football side (encouraging his two young daughters to join in) and enjoys a round of golf.

Pat Abrams – Senior Adviser

Pat’s high-touch approach to client advice stems from his broad experience in investment management and financial planning, combined with his extensive educational qualifications. He has a deep understanding of financial markets; and applies this understanding to provide both insightful strategic advice and developing portfolios across asset classes and investment specialists which meet client objectives. Pat believes that at the heart of good financial advice is providing peace of mind, helping clients to recognise the things that are within their control and those that are not, so that they can move forward in life with confidence. He is an effective communicator with high attention to detail and enjoys the client education aspect to financial advice. He shares that rare ability to make the complex understood. Away from work, Pat spends time outdoors with his wife and young son and is a keen tennis player.

Ben Malkki – Senior Adviser

Ben’s passion to assist clients stems from his extensive studies in finance and financial planning, and the empowerment that he sees clients obtain from the holistic advice he provides. Ben believes in both the qualitative and quantitative benefits, bringing these together to provide sensible and clear financial planning solutions. He is known for bringing a consensus approach to the advice he provides, through client engagement and buy-in as to what is required and what can practically be achieved. Ben leaves no stone unturned on behalf of clients. He is often seen researching and discussing with clients their portfolios, looking for opportunities to improve the client outcome. Ben encourages his clients to be an active participant in their financial planning journey through a framework of objectivity and measured value add. Away from work, Ben loves spending time with his family and exploring the great Australian outdoors.

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