Senior Advisors

The Principals and Senior advisors of Jacaranda FP are:

Brett Stene

Brett Stene of Jacaranda Financial Planning.Brett started in the financial services industry in 1986 after leaving the international accountancy firm Arthur Andersen and working in Australia and the UK. Over the past 30 years he has headed the research and strategy operations of adviser groups, developed new financial products, worked in funds management, sat on a number of boards, consulted and lectured internationally, been recognised as the financial planning voice on radio for over a decade, cofounded and built one of the most recognisable financial planning groups in Australia, and most importantly over the past 15 years provided quality and understandable advice to clients to secure their financial future. Brett is married with two sons both in their final years of schooling.

Jayden Pendleton

Jayden Pendleton of Jacaranda Financial Planning.Jayden has specialised in financial planning over the past 7 years and in 2013 founded the highly successful Financial Knowledge Group. As COO and senior adviser, Jayden has been the driver behind the growth of the business, based on the quality of advice offered to many clients. Jayden has hosted many talk-back radio shows and been the lead presenter at many seminars on the tips & traps of financial planning advice. He brings to clients a wealth of relevant and clear advice through his ability to break down the complexity of financial jargon and present it in such a way that it is easily understood. Jayden undertakes mentoring to other advisers seeking to enter the industry.

Jeannie McKenzie

Jeannie McKenzie of Jacaranda Financial Planning.Jeannie started her career as a chartered accountant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, working in offices in Australia and Canada. Her experience covered business valuations, financial investigations and strategic business advice. Through her role with a multinational company, Jeannie further developed advice skills on business profitability and restructures. For the past 12 years Jeannie has assisted many hundreds of clients to gain control of their financial lives. Jeannie is married, has three children (2 at university and 1 at senior school) and is passionate about assisting the disenfranchised youth of New South Wales through her Youth Off the Streets involvement since 1999.

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